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Rezab and Fireman 1 class George M. Sowers drowned. Destroyer USS J. Fred Talbott Seaman Neils Christian Hansen, on a sight-seeing tour of the Montfaucon battlefield near Verdun, was killed by accidental explosion of a grenade found in the area. Gunner's Mate 3 class Roy Edward Ingle drowned after an oxygen-tank valve closed while he was trying to retrieve a torpedo in feet of water.

Entire crew saved. Crowder severely injured when skull caught between bulkhead and powder car while inside 2 turret. Hudson YT sank alongside dock at the naval station at New Orleans. Boatswain's Mate 1 class Emil Hjalmar Olsson. During , sailors died from disease mainly Tuberculosis and Pneumonia , to injury, 39 killed in airplane accidents, and 20 to poisoning.

Seaman 2 class Henry A.

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Gaddis severely burned during a fire in the ordnance oil locker inside submarine tender USS Rainbow AS-7 and died of these injuries 13 days later. In , sailors died from disease mainly Pneumonia and Tuberculosis , 73 from drowning, 62 killed in aviation accidents, 20 from poisoning, and 8 from other injury. While acting as bowman on a motorboat during torpedo firing practice in San Pedro Bay, Calif. Battleship North Dakota BB Seaman 2 class John Richard Wheatley struck in the head and killed when a inch shell fell off loading tray inside 1 turret.

During attempts to free her during the subsequent week Captain Herbert G. Shenk killed inside 3 turret when a inch shell tipped over and crushed him. During , sailors died from disease, 77 from drowning, 31 in aviation accidents, from injury, and 3 poisonings. Oliver Walton Bagby struck in the chest and killed by inch shell splinters during fragmentation experiments at the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia.

USS Oklahoma BB Seaman 2 class Peter Joseph Carini killed inside 1 turret when inch gun hydraulic recoil system failed, crushing him between gun breech and shell loading platform. During , 20 sailors died from disease, 22 killed in flight accidents, 48 died from injury or drowning, and 3 from poisoning. Seven others wounded. Fire and explosions resulting from lightning strikes during an electrical storm resulted in an ordnance disaster at the Naval Ammunition Depot, Dover [Lake Denmark], New Jersey, killed Lt. Edward Allen Brown, Lt. Twelve marines, an Army officer, and two civilians were also killed, and 39 others injured.

In , there were 31 sailors and marines killed in flight accidents, killed by naval and military hazards. In , sailors died from disease many from cerebrospinal meningitis , 26 from flight accidents, 44 from naval and military hazards, and 14 from poisonings. In , sailors died from diseases, 28 sailors killed in flight accidents, 32 from naval and military hazards, and 11 poisonings.

During target practice aboard USS Trevor, Seaman 2 class Orville Wray Terry fatally injured when struck in the head by a rotating shell in an ammunition hoist.

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Williams injured, by accidental explosion of a projectile at the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia. Jack C.

Ensign Mack E. After his patrol plane hit a violent down draft of air while flying off Pearl Harbor, Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate Stanley John Jaros was thrown from his seat into the left propeller, killing him instantly. Structural failure in the tail assembly resulted in the crash of a Douglas PD-1 flying boat off Pearl Harbor, killing 2 officers and 3 enlisted men.

Charles D. Following the crash of a plane into the 4 barrier on flight deck of USS Saratoga CV-3 , the power wire of the barrier carried away, striking and killing Seaman 2 class George Benage Mitchell. Test pilots Lt. Highley died in collision between two F3R-1 planes near Ensley, Fla. Ensign James Hiram Kelsey Jr. SBU-1 dive bomber engine fire kills pilot Lt. Oliver E. White; Radioman 2 class James W.

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LeCompte parachute's to safety. O2U plane, while engaged in chasing torpedos during submarine practice, crashed into water off Barber's Point, Oahu. Lt jg. William R. Wilson both killed. During a tactical exercise, Reserve pilot Ens. Hugh N. Boadwee from VB-2B was killed when plane crashed into the sea off Mexico. Harold P. JF-3 amphibian crashed near Oakland, Calif. Francis B. Waterman and Radioman 3 class James E. Robert W. Harris both killed. Seaman 1 class Sam H. Gladstone, while in the gunner position of aircraft, was thrown from plane--along with his seat--as pilot maneuvered to avoid a bird.

Later inspection showed retaining bolts on his seat had failed. Seaman 1 class John Edward Uniak died at the Naval Air Station, San Diego, after being shot in the chest when a jammed machine gun accidentally discharged. During dive bombing practice at Border Field, San Diego, the left wings of an F3F1 tore off at 1, feet and the aircraft plunged into the ground, killing Lt jg. Milton G. Jones accidentally flew an F3F-1 into the foremast of plane guard destroyer.

Plane and body sank in 4, feet of water.

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Ludwell R. Pickett, Lt jg. Joseph J. Aviation Machinist's Mate 2 class William Heotis killed when his plane became tangled on target tow sleeve of another plane and crashed into the sea. Pilot parachuted to safety. Orrell slept in aft-compartment with canvas cover pulled over station to keep the rain out.

Gasoline fumes, from fuel spilled in bilges, asphyxiated Orrell later that evening. Aviation Machinist's Mate 3 class Donald A. Robinson killed when struck by propeller of a plane that crashed on flight deck of Yorktown CV Two PBY-2 seaplanes collided and crashed off southern California, killing 3 officers and 8 enlisted men. USS New York BB Seaman 2 class James Orville Epperson accidentally struck by loading tray inside 2 turret and fell into gun pit, he was then crushed by a inch shell that fell in immediately afterwards. PBY-5 aircraft, while enroute from San Diego to Pensacola, encountered severe weather over Texas and 5-members of crew forced to bail out.

Percich fell to his death.

Twin-engine transport plane R2D-1, which had rescued four crewmen who had bailed out of PBY on 2 January, crashed and burned while trying to land at San Diego. USS California BB Seaman 2 class Norris Rabelee Wilson died of injuries suffered on the shell deck of 4 turret when he was caught between rotating part of turret and a secured service shell. Between 7 December and 29 December , 1, enlisted men were killed in air combat, were killed in action on the ground, and 3, enlisted men were killed in flight accidents. Radioman killed when depth charge activated and exploded.

LT Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Following manual takeoff, they were supposed to parachute out over the English Channel while the radio-controlled explosive-filled drone proceeded to attack a German V-2 missile-launching site. Possible causes include faulty wiring or FM signals from a nearby transmitter. The tremendous explosion ripped a foot long, 50 foot wide, and 40 foot deep crater into the ocean floor.

Metal fragments caused many casualties and severe damage to nearby ships and twenty-two small boats and landing craft were sunk, destroyed, or damaged beyond repair. Casualties included 45 known dead, missing, and injured. The only survivors of Mount Hood' s man crew were a shore party of 18 sailors who saw a flash from the harbor followed by two quick explosions.

The Gunboat Series by Harry Castlemon

Task Force 38 struck by typhoon off the Philippines. About killed and 80 injured. Task Force 38 struck by typhoon in Okinawa area.